jueves, 23 de junio de 2016


We are a very macho group of chemistry students. Also we like motorcycles, nachos, chiles and tacos; specially tacos. We're currently studying Chemistry and we love it, as much as tacos and motorcycles at the same time. We despise americans. We love fedoras and we have beatifull mustaches. The reason behind we study Chemistry is because we all want to be a Chapo Guzman Jr.  

The group consists of:
Bressi, Gabriel: He enjoys to paint his own fingernails in a vibrant pink color, and he loves nachos. He is the girl in the team
Galli, Alejandro: He's the biggest Gosu fan in existence, also he likes chiles. Currently affected by hormones
Garcia, Matias: Matias likes nachos and tacos, and is the most masculine man on Earth. And the alpha male in "Los Banditos"
Fioretti, Lucas: He likes to skate, swim and ride motorcycles.
Fernandez, Leandro: He loves to repair our motorcycles, drink Tequila with some Tacos, he is the oldest in the group
Friggeri, Martin: He is the cheto one, he likes all mexican food and has a beatiful mustache. He is the best Shaco in the world

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