jueves, 14 de julio de 2016

  • Copy these sentences in your BLOG and say if they are TRUE or FALSE.
    1. Chemistry is the science that deals with materials in laboratories. _T_
    2. There is only one type of chemistry. __F_
    3. Organic chemistry looks at which chemicals are in things. _F_
    4. Organic chemistry looks at things that have carbon in them.__T___
  • Re-read the text and CREATE FOUR false sentences
  • 1- The basic unit of an element is called an proton..
  • 2- Mixtures are substances where chemicals are mixed and reacted
  • 3- Biochemistry is not also part of organic chemistry.
  • 4- Moles can not be used to see how many molecules are in chemical compounds.

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    1- The basic unit of an element is called an atom.
    2- Mixtures are substances where chemicals are mixed and reacted
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